Premium-Crafted Burgers That Inspire

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Perfectly seasoned, and the flavor stands up to gourmet toppings. It wasn’t too greasy and grilled up nice and thick. I didn’t think burgers from frozen could be this tasty.

I always thought frozen was bad, but these burgers made me a believer! They cook up so easily and don’t dry out. And the flavor can’t be beat. I don’t even have to season them!

Very tasty and easy prep. I can see this becoming a go-to meal for my family.

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The STEAK BURGER difference is masterful

Holten’s™ Chop House Steak Burgers are exclusively crafted from primal steak cuts including sirloin, chuck and prime rib. Our burger is always ground fresh and seasoned with a blend of premium ingredients so that every delicious bite is bursting with flavor. Our dedication to preparation perfection with fresh specialty ingredients is second to none.

Enjoy a Steak Burger specially crafted for discriminating tastes in an inspired mealtime experience.